English Law Week 2017: The Law — A noble profession or just business?
20 ноября

The Bar Council and the Law Society of England and Wales, in partnership with the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, the Moscow Chamber of Advocates, the St Petersburg Chamber of Advocates, the Anglo-Russian Law Association, and the British Russian Law Association, are organising the fourth English Law Week in Moscow and St Petersburg from 20 to 23 November 2017. 

We are expecting 150 lawyers from Russia and the CIS to attend each day of this showcase event. Speakers from leading UK and Russian firms, institutions and corporations will be joining us to give their perspective on the legal services market between the two jurisdictions.

The conference will include high profile panel discussions chaired by well-known legal experts including judges, academics and lawyers focusing on the following areas:

  • Recent English judgments involving Russian and CIS parties
  • Case study of a claim in England involving Russian parties
  • International arbitration
  • Competition law issues — Brexit and EU regulations
  • Business as usual — current business models and trends in the organisation of law
  • Recovering assets through bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Keeping the profession noble — is the current regulatory framework fit for purpose?
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