Legal Insight Magazine Special Research Project

cover_mkaProject Organizer: Legal Insight Magazine

Project Partners: Russian Arbitration Association and CIS Arbitration Forum

Survey results counted by: Deloitte

Information Partners: Ukrainian Bar Association, Ukrainian Arbitration Association, ICC Russia

Print-run: 2000 copies, distributed at key arbitration events throughout CIS countries.

The research project consists of an online survey of legal departments and firms as well as of extensive interviews with lawyers of law firms, corporate lawyers and arbiters.

We are grateful for the support of the project by the following firms:  KIAP, Baker & McKenzie, Dechert, Freshfields, Monastyrsky Zyuba and Partners, Makarov Law Office, Sysouev Bondar Khrapoutski.

Key chapters of the research project

  1. General characteristics of arbitrations connected to Russia and the CIS (quantitative and qualitative indicators, preferences in choosing the place of dispute resolution, applied law and arbitration rules).
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of existing arbitration centers in Russia.
  3. Practices of law firms and units (lawyers) of legal departments that specialize in internationals commercial arbitration (how often are they set up, where are they set up, what is their headcount, profitability of ICA practices).
  4. Retention of external consultants (in which cases outside counsel is called in, what are the criteria for selection (including the importance of a presence in the CIS area), who often tenders are used for the retention of external consultants, is the procurement department involved in this process).
  5. Organization of the work with external consultants (preferred pricing models, what part of the work is carried out by consultants and what by in-house lawyers).
  6. Best law firms and lawyers in the ICA market.
  7. Profiles of law firms ICA practices.

You have the unique opportunity to publish information about your firm’s arbitration practice (600 characters, excluding the name of the head of practice, contact data and logo) for the low price of 14.000 rubles (approx. 320 Euro). Let our research project help you promote your arbitration practice all over the CIS countries. For details please contact Margarita Gaskarova, Editor-in-Chief, (

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